Nate Kenyon Der Autor
Nate Kenyon wuchs in einer Kleinstadt in Maine/USA auf.
Sein erster Roman Bloodstone wurde für den Bram Stoker Award nominiert. Es folgten The Reach, The Bone Factory und der Science-Fiction-Kurzroman Prime. Außerdem schrieb er Romane zu PC-Games wie StarCraft Ghost und Diablo. Nates letzter Roman ist der Techno-Thriller Day One (2013). (Quelle: Festa Verlag)
Introduce yourself to the readers
I’m a horror and thriller writer. My first novel, Bloodstone, was a Bram Stoker Finalist and won P&E Horror Novel of the Year. My second, The Reach, was also a Stoker Finalist and received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. My latest thriller, Day One, was released from St. Martins Press in the US and received a starred Booklist review.
When do you have the best ideas?
In the shower. I don’t know why but it’s the best place for me to think through stories and come up with plot twists!
What inspires you while writing a book?
The “what if” moment when two different ideas come together and the book takes off in a different and unexpected direction. It’s very satisfying to feel the pieces clicking into place. Also, really good writing inspires me—I will often re-read my favorite passages from some of my favorite novels to get me in the mood.
Do people or incidents of your own life appear in your books?
Sometimes—but only bits and pieces, never an entire person. I might take a particular character trait I find interesting and use it, or I might use a first or last name of someone I know or recently met. I use incidents too, but only as a starting point—I change them to fit the story.
What is your book "Sparrow Rock” about?
It’s about a group of teens who go to a bomb shelter to party and end up trapped at the end of the world. Bombs falling might seem bad enough, but when strange and terrifying creatures attack them, they must find a new way to survive.
Are there any advantages or disadvantages in the life of an author?
Well, it’s always busy! You have to push yourself to work hard and keep at it. It can be a bit lonely sometimes, which is why I depend on my family and friends and things like writers’ conferences to keep me social and engaged. But overall, it’s a wonderful thing to do.
Do your books deliver a certain message?
Every book is different. I don’t try to have a message going in, but one always develops and I often only see the full picture myself after it’s complete. My subconscious works that out on its own.
How much time passes between an idea and the completion of a book?
Again, this depends on the book, but for the most part I write a first draft in 4-5 months, and take another couple of months to revise it. I try to write every morning when I’m on deadline for a project, seven days a week.
Which is your best book (or favourite) of all you have written?
My personal favorite of my own novels is probably Sparrow Rock—I think that it’s my best, most frightening and engaging. I also love Day One.
Are there moments where you have no more ideas?
No way. Quite the opposite, actually—I have too many and the hard part is picking which to write.
Is there a certain object which always has to be present while you are writing?
No—I don’t have any kind of traditions like this when I write.
How do you handle negative reviews or opinions?
That’s always hard, but I try to separate my personal journey of creating stories from the business side of things. Once the story is done it becomes a product I sell. That makes it easier if someone doesn’t like it—it’s not personal, it’s just an opinion.
Can you imagine to publish a book of a different genre?
Oh, sure. I write in all sorts of genres—Horror, mystery, thriller, science fiction, mainstream. It’s just that most of my published work is horror/thriller. But I don’t really try to label things, I just write what I’m interested in and let that work itself out.
Will there be a reading in germany?
No, I’m sorry, I wish I could do that, but it’s expensive to fly around the world and I couldn’t do it on my own.
Describe yourself in 5 words
A creative, friendly family man.
Vielen Dank für das Interview und weiterhin viel Erfolg.