Buch-Cover Eine Nacht in der Hölle
Nate Southard
Eine Nacht in der Hölle - Nate Southards moderner Hardcore-Horror-Klassiker.

Dillon ist ein beliebter Footballspieler auf der High School. Zumindest war er es bis zu dieser Nacht … Denn nun sitzt er geknebelt und an einen Stuhl gefesselt in der Dunkelheit.
Seine Kollegen haben ihn sich geschnappt. Sie können es nicht fassen, dass sie eine »Schwuchtel« im Team haben. Diese Schande wollen sie tilgen. Deshalb haben sie auch Randy entführt, Dillons Geliebten.
Was mit Demütigungen beginnt, endet in einer blutigen Nacht in der Hölle ...
Verlag: Festa Verlag
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Nate Southard Der Autor
Nate Southard lebt in Austin, Texas. Seine Kurzgeschichten erregten schnell Aufmerksamkeit und seit der Veröffentlichung seines ersten Romans Red Sky (2011) wird er von Thriller- und Horrorfans geradezu verehrt. Nate ist bekannt dafür, unablässig an seinen Texten zu feilen, bis auch der letzte Satz perfekt ist. Viele Leser vergleichen seinen harten, schnörkellosen Stil mit den Filmen von Quentin Tarantino.(Quelle: Festa Verlag)
Introduce yourself to the readers
Hi. I’m Nate Southard. I write a lot. Mostly scary stories. I live in Texas where it’s too hot most of the year.
When do you have the best ideas?
I can’t say it’s ever one specific time. Ideas come at all hours. Usually, it happens when I can’t get to a pen or something. I’ve had to pull over while driving so I can send myself a text with a story idea.
What inspires you while writing a book?
When I start a new book, I’ll usually create a playlist to listen to while writing, something that fits the tone of the book. It helps me stay in tone with the story while I write. Beyond that, whatever I’m reading or watching at the time might color what I’m writing. If I’m reading something ominous and creepy, my writing might be more atmospheric instead of action-packed.
Do people or incidents of your own life appear in your books?
All the time. It might be something as simple as someone’s personality traits appearing in a character or an actual event I’ve witnessed appearing in one of my books. I draw from life a lot.
What is your book "DOWN" about?
DOWN tells the story of a rock band, The Frequency Brothers, who survive a plane crash. Abandoned in an expansive forest, they find themselves hunted by a mysterious creature. And then things get weird as they discover more about the place they’ve crashed. It’s a fun blend of scary action and creepy weirdness.
Are there any advantages or disadvantages in the life of an author?
I guess sometimes there are. The life can be frustrating. You need a really thick skin and an ability to accept rejection. At the same time, you need to be open to feedback in order to improve. It’s a balancing act.
Do your books deliver a certain message?
My book JUST LIKE HELL, which I believe is called A NIGHT IN HELL in Germany, has a very strong anti-homophobia message to it. Tolerance is important to me. Outside of that book, I can’t say I’ve realy tried to deliver a strong social message, though.
How much time passes between an idea and the completion of a book?
It really depends on the book. Some of them, like RED SKY or DOWN, take about a year. I have other novels that haven’t been released in Germany yet that have taken several years, with a lot of drafts being written.
Do you have a certain model? (Do you take somebody as an example?)
I certainly have other authors I consider influences and role models. Peter Straub and Mornam Partidge are probably the biggest two. Several other authors—Sarah Langan, Paul Tremblay, Laird Barron, Lee Thomas to name a few—are big influences. I’d love to be able to write half as well as any of them.
Which is your best book (or favourite) of all you have written?
Of those that have been published, probably DOWN. I think it was a big step forward for me, kind of a link between my gory, action books and my creepy, atmospheric ones.
Are there moments where you have no more ideas?
Not really. Ideas can come at any time from any place. I’m much more likely to have a problem with self-doubt that keeps me away from the computer for a few weeks.
Is there a certain object which always has to be present while you are writing?
No. I don’t really have any charms or anything like that. Give me a computer or even a pen and paper, and I can write.
How do you handle negative reviews or opinions?
I’m pretty good at being able to see both sides of everything. Usually, if I read something negative, I end up thinking, “Well, they have a point.” I try to learn and not let it bother me. Fixating on a negative review will drive a writer crazy.
Can you imagine to publish a book of a different genre?
In the United States, I’ve published one crime novel, PALE HORSES. I’m hoping to publish more within that genre in the future. We’ll see how it goes.
Will there be a reading in germany?
I would love to. I’ve never been over, and I would love to visit. My knowledge of the language doesn’t extend much beyond greetings, the days of the week, and, for some reason, the word “chicken,” but I’d still love to do a signing there. Sadly, it’s not a trip I can afford on my own. If someone would like to fly me over, I’m game.
Describe yourself in 5 words
Tall, bald, bearded, good cook
Vielen Dank für das Interview und weiterhin viel Erfolg. Wir freuen uns auf neuen Suchtstoff ;)